About Us | Blueprint Property Maintenance Inc.

Blueprint Property Maintenance is a multi-service property maintenance company in Barbados, providing the smarter homeowner with a complete maintenance solution. We specialise in responsive repairs, planned maintenance, property renovations, improvements and void services. 

Our responsive and planned maintenance services are available throughout Barbados and come with a commitment to quality, cost effectiveness and customer service. Blueprint's team of skilled technicians are trained and equipped to meet a full spectrum of maintenance requirements, with a dedicated field manager ensuring that we provide a consistent and reliable service that our clients can depend on.

Our maintenance technicians work with the following benefits to you: 

  • Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 
  • Our technicians diagnose and rectify all faults quickly and efficiently 
  • Our technicians carry a comprehensive stock of materials
  • All repairs and installations are guaranteed 
  • Our technicians can respond to your needs as soon as available

We understand that your time is valuable, our support services allow you to address every maintenance requirement within your business or home efficiently. Our island wide operation handles projects of all sizes for the public and private sectors streamlining property maintenance and management.


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